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Middle East Group provides premium variety of educational services that help serve your educational business development.

Consultation services

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  • Consultation services

    Middle East Group assists schools in determining the curricula and resources that align with their academic goals. With our extensive experience with both national and international curricula, MEG is your school’s guide to education. We are there every step of the way, helping schools make sense of rapidly evolving educational standards and trends.

  • Evaluation of teaching and curriculum

    Middle East can support schools’ progress by providing feedback on teaching, learning, syllabi and other essential components that contribute to making a successful school.

  • Distribution and delivery of books

    Middle East Publishing and Distribution has established partnerships with some of the world’s leading publishers for international and ELT resources. Once we have helped you choose the books and materials that best suit your needs, we make it a priority to deliver them on-time.

  • Training on books

    Middle East Group offers complete educational solutions, as we do not only consult on resources and distribute them, but we offer support in implementing new schemes as well. MEG can help get your staff prepared to use books and programmes most effectively, ensuring that both teachers and students benefit.

Middle East Group MEG is proud to be one of the leading companies for educational services in Egypt.