Teacher Training Centre


MEG Training Centre is dedicated to fostering a better teaching and learning experience for both students and teachers through the development of educational products and services, serving the educational community with high calibre instruction and training.


MEG Training Centre aspires to be one of the best known accredited training centres globally, offering individual the tools they need to advance personally and professionally.

Training Center Courses

Training of the Trainer

  • 24 hours.
  • Comprised of two parts.
    • Facilitation Skills.
      • What makes a good trainer.
      • Tuning your facilitation skills.
      • Creating a relaxing and interactive training environment.
      • Using training aids effectively.
      • Practice sessions.
    • Instructional System Design.
      • How do adults learn?.
      • Training program design and planning.
      • Assessing and evaluating training.
      • Final assessment.

Phonics Course

  • 12 hours.
  • Caters to English teachers.
  • Comprised of two parts.
    • Part One.
      • Phonetics, phonology and phonemes.
      • Sound production.
      • Vowels and consonants.
      • English syllables.
      • Intonation, word stress and sentence stress.
    • Part Two.
      • Methods of teaching pronunciation.
      • Practice.

Short courses

  • Storytelling

  • Second Language Acquisition

  • Phonics for Young Learners

  • Learning Styles

  • Reading and Writing

  • Critical Thinking

  • Listening and Speaking

  • Teaching Grammar

  • Lesson Planning

  • Games and Activities in the EFL Classroom

  • Classroom Management Techniques

  • Supervising Skills

Arabic short courses

  • Usage of Innovative Strategies in Teaching Arabic

  • Comprehensive Teaching Strategies

  • Usage of Teaching Aids in the Classroom

  • Individual Differences Among Children

  • Time Management