Early Birds


Early Birds will help you, as a teacher, to create a learning environment in which your children will want to succeed in English. As your children progress, you will find them using English naturally whilst they are engaged in Early Birds communication, language activities and songs.


-Young Learners learn best through play

Each unit in Early birds is packed full of fun things to do, say and sing that will enable children to develop their ability to concentrate, maintain their interest and harness their energy.



-Creating the need to communicate is the best way to learn a language

Every activity in Early birds demands an active response from the children- whether it is verbal or non-verbal. Understanding is demonstrated and degrees of processing are quantifiable.


-Young children respond best to praise and encouragement


Our four little Early Birds characters:

-Abacus for teaching Maths

-Telly for story telling

-Alphie for phonics and alphabet

-Chip for learning and singing


Early Birds reward system is applied systematically throughout each unit.


  • Student’s book
  • Workbook
  • Activity CD including animated songs & stories
  • Teacher’s Guide with resources
  • Full flashcards
  • Guess & Tell flashcards
  • E-Kit